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full-automatic filament yarn crimp ratio tester

full-automatic filament yarn crimp ratio tester
full-automatic filament yarn crimp ratio tester
Detailed instructions:


This instrument is used to test the crimp contraction and thermal contraction property of modified yarn, it has multiple different functions in the test process, i.e.: automatic varying load, automatic adding load, automatic time counting, automatic length measurement and automatic zero adjusting. This instrument allows to make automatic calculation, automatic storage and optional printing for test result. 

Applicable standard

GB/T 6506 Synthetic fiber—Test method for crimp contraction properties of textured filament yarns

GB/T 6505 Testing method for thermal contraction of man-made filament yarns

Features and characteristics

This instrument uses the commercial computer to connect with the host program, so it has more features than the one under the control via the input/output panel of IPC (Industrial Personal Computer), i.e.: quicker data processing, less fault rate and stable performance.  

This instrument uses the high-precision sensor, so it has higher test precision and better reproducibility than the original electronic scale. 

The platform of the instrument can stretch out automatically at the end of test. 

The test data can be saved automatically in database, and can be searched by a series of parameters, such as date, operator, sample name, note etc. 

The software of the instrument allows to customize test parameter so as to facilitate QC to make analysis. 

Technical parameter