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Full-automatic single-yarn strength tester

Full-automatic single-yarn strength tester
Full-automatic single-yarn strength tester
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This product is controlled by the computer and is used for testing the physical indicators of cotton, wool, silk, chemical fiber, industrial yarn, recombination thread and other materials, such as breaking force, breaking elongation, breaking strength, work of fracture, rupture time. The machine uses the Windows operating system to realize the automatic output of data collection and processing. 

Applicable standard  

GB-T 14344-2008 Chemical fiber - Testing method for tensile property of filament yarns 

GB/T 3916-2013 Textiles, Yarns from packages - Determination of single-end breaking force and elongation at break using constant rate of extension (CRE) tester

ISO 2062 Method of testing breaking load and elongation at break of single yarn

Characteristics of instrument

The instrument owns the proprietary intellectual property rights and its software or hardware can be customized according to special requirements or requests of customer, or according to customer demands and abroad standards (American Standard, European Standard, Japanese Standard etc.). 

The instrument uses the pneumatic clamper, so it can not damage test, but can achieve high automation degree and realize simple operation.

The manual test or automatic test can change over free, and the number of test tube can be set free. 

The instrument has the data statistics function, and allows to save, print test report and facilitate customer to control product quality. 

The instrument has the abnormal data's automatic elimination function, timed tensile function, data storage and data query function.  

The instrument does not need to hang the pretension weight and allows to control the pretension automatically by computer. 

Technical parameter