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Changzhou Tianrong Equipment Co., Ltd.

Time:2018-11-16 See:342

Changzhou Tianrong Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianrong”) is devoted to the development, production and distribution of test instrument and equipment, it is situated in Zhonglou Economic Zone where is the R&D center of Changzhou. Tianrong owns the high-standard modern production workshop and introduces main technologies, equipments and supporting facilities according to the cutting-edge international process. The products of Tianrong are widely used in textiles, chemical fibers, printing and dyeing, plastics, glass fibers, garments, leathers, geosynthetics, carpets, building materials, wires and cables, packaging materials and other fields, such as scientific research, teaching, commodity inspection etc. 

Since its incorporation, Tianrong has been always adhering to the quality objective as follows: “taking the technology as the basis and the management as the dynamic force, holding the rigorous working attitude to produce top-quality products, meet and exceed customer demands”. As for the daily production management, Tianrong adopts “5S” style, promotes comprehensively the ISO9001:2000 quality management system for all management and quality issues, adheres to the policy of “taking customer as the center, realizing development with quality, carrying out scientific management system and creating first-class qualified products” to enhance the quantitative management of target and let the quality arrive every person and every point. 

In future, the development objective of Tianrong is to keep improving, occupy market share with quality product, and provide customer with the world-class products and services.